Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What hiatus? I never went anywhere!

Well, a lot has happened in my life since I last posted here. Hard to believe it's been more than two years since I last left any kind of note here.

I'm going to try to post more, at the cost of my posts likely being shorter, haha! After all, there are definitely more SPD blogs out there than their used to be. I'll use this place as a spot to talk about, well, me.

As I said, a lot has changed since I last wrote a line here, and no, it's not just me getting older! My life has really taken off in many ways: I've got a new job, I've got a new place that I'm living, I've got a new car, I've got some new friends, and I've learned to start loving and taking better care of myself.

Because keeping secrets and hiding myself away only did me harm in the past, I feel now is a perfect time to openly admit to whatever followers out there who are following (and probably forgot about) me, I am gay.

I didn't figure this out until early last year, but it's been a startling revelation to me that has really opened me up to new experiences and, well, love. No, I'm not with anyone at the moment, but before I found out I was gay, I felt like I was perpetually going to be stuck in a never-ending limbo where I am always looking for 'the right lady' and subsequently never like what I'm seeing.

To realize that my biological urges actually swing the complete opposite way, well, I suddenly realize that I have met people I was interested it, that I have been attracted to people, and that I have even fallen in love with people before. I just never opened myself up to realize that my feelings were for certain members of my own gender, haha.

Well, I'm out, and while I'm not necessarily one to go about shouting it out or anything, I feel online is the perfect avenue for me to once again gradually warm up toward the idea that I could be a more socially involved person, haha!

I'll write more later to inform about other things going on in my life, but for now, just glad to finally say something after so long, lol. Thanks for sticking around!


  1. This is AWESOME, Dan!!!! I am so proud of you for being you in every possible way. You've always been my mentor and friend, and I am so happy to know you. Here's to you and all that you have and will continue to accomplish :)

  2. Congratulations, Dan!! Love this.

    How are things going in 2016?

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