Monday, February 28, 2011

Jury Duty tomorrow

Sorry I haven't been updating in quite some time. I've been busy still with work and school as usual.

Tomorrow, I will have a new test for my sensory processing abilities. I was summoned to court back in 2008, but I got out of it by sending in a letter that stated I had SPD, anxiety, depression, and a few other diagnoses. That was good enough to work for that, and I ended up not having to go in. Granted, that was only a few months after I began Sensory Integration based occupational therapy.

A few weeks ago, I received a letter from the district court, telling me I have again been summoned. What is it? Twice in 3 years? I'm assuming my not going in '08 put me on some sort of a short list to go back in.

So, this time, I'm faced with the decision of whether or not I should try to get out of it again, since I still carry those diagnoses, or if I want to rely on the benefits I have made so far in almost exactly 3 years of OT treatment to carry me through.

You know what? I'm feeling cocky, hehe. I tried to reschedule my jury duty for June, as I thought I had school on March 1st. Turns out, I forgot I actually have this week off for a bit of a winter break. So, I am missing neither work nor school to attend the initial jury selection.

So, people, please wish me luck. I am hoping things go well and that I am able to sit through things alright. I believe I've made a lot of progress, and hopefully it's enough to pull me through something like this. Glad to be making a new post here, as I keep forgetting to update it, lol.


  1. good to see an update! lol I think you can pull it off. It may be tense, but courtrooms are fairly quiet, right? I wouldn't know, I've never been. ;) Good luck!

  2. This is one of my fears too!!! I never got to ask, did it go well?