Friday, June 17, 2011

Update Part 1: March

Hi everyone,

It has been quite some time since I last updated things, hasn't it? Well, things have actually been going very well on my end, for the most part. I have just been so incredibly busy that I haven't had a chance to update things. So, let's review the months I've missed updating, shall we? I'll go month-by-month with my posting, since a lot has happened and this would be a simply mammoth post if I didn't.

March: Went fairly smooth. I continued to plug away on my Web Analytics and SEO class as well as my Web Graphics II course. I needed Web Graphics as the final required INP course in the INP associate's degree program, and Analytics was needed as my final INP-related elective credit. Neither of the classes were particularly fun, but I made my way through, nonetheless.

Also noteworthy is that I put in the initial stages of development on the new SPD Support website. I have been running SPD Parent SHARE and its articles/hosting sections for some time, as well as the forum on SPD International, and wanted to combine them onto one new site. I started developing the blueprints for the new site in March.

One small problem came up in March; I was pulled over by a police officer for the first time. Eep! I was headed to work one evening, and was surprised when the officer who had been a good distance behind me for the past few blocks suddenly put on his flashers and pulled up closer to me. I pulled over and was trying to keep from freaking out. Turns out the sticker on my license plate had been expired for a few months! I hadn't even noticed. Fortunately, I did not get a ticket, but was told to get the plate renewed, which I did the next day for about 70 bucks.

Another great thing happened in March though. I became closer in my friendship with JT Lewis. He is one of my fellow tutors at my school, Washtenaw Community College. We went to see several movies together during the month of March, which were pretty much the first times I had been to the cinema in years. We must have been to about 5 movies that month, which undoubtedly shatters my old record. We are also writing a book (was a TV show) together, and put in a lot of creative work on that during what spare time we had that month.

Want to see JT? Well, unlike me, he actually has a video of himself up on Youtube. Here is JT, my co-author, co-worker, and good friend:

Yes, he is an incredibly intelligent and animated individual with a very bright personality and a cheerful persona. Now, I say persona, because there is actually much more to him than meets the eye. To make a very long story (book in progress, actually) short, he has had one very difficult and challenging life. He is a product of Detroit's oh-so-wonderful (/sarcasm) foster "care" program, and his being alive today is something we can all draw inspiration from. I am very happy (oh who am I kidding? I'm thanking God!) to have finally made a friend in my vicinity who not only understands me in many ways most fail at, but who is also actually willing to put up with my quirks and meltdowns! :P

So, I believe that's just about it for what happened during the month of March. Well, that and more occupational therapy, Woot!

Up next: April!
(Hint: This next post should be the first time you ever see Carol Kranowitz and car robbery ever come up in the same post... anywhere! Totally unrelated events, of course, lol.)

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