Monday, November 28, 2011

America's Mafia - First Book Completed!

Well guys, as you may recall by my last posts, I have been working with a good friend of mine, J.E.M. Lewis, on a book for the past several months. I am proud to say that the first book is completely written, edited, and ready to be shopped around to agencies!

I want to thank those of you who have been with me all these years; you're being here has helped me to become who I am and continues to help me as I go along.

Along with the book, we have also released a website:

Feel free to stop by and, if you have a Facebook account, click the "Like" button in the top right corner. That is, if you like what you see, hehe.

No, this is not the first book I thought I would write, but now that it is, I am proud of myself and my esteemed co-author, J.E.M. Lewis. Thanks everyone for the support!

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